New (beta) version of Interpretershelp with lots of great new features to discover ️- now available at

Now the new InterpretersHelp can be found under the name of its (formerly Mac-only) matching client software: It is still in beta version. Several new functions are not operational yet, but I am sure it is worth the wait – so stay tuned!

There will be more features added in the coming weeks and probably months. If there is anything new you discover, feel free to post a comment. And it would, as always, be great to know about your experience with this tool – or any other thought on the subject!

About the author

Anja Rütten is a freelance conference interpreter for German (A), Spanish (B), English (C), and French (C) based in Düsseldorf, Germany. She has specialised in knowledge management since the mid-1990s. She is a full member of AIIC, an accredited freelance interpreter with the EU institutions and the European Patent Office, and has vast experience as a university lecturer.






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